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Why You Should Never Consider to Hire an Unqualified Plumber

Hiring an Unqualified Plumber Can be Dangerous, Here’s Why

It can be tempting to save money by having a friend or a neighbor help you with a plumbing job around the house. Many times common plumbing problems may seem like they have a simple fix, and having a friend who says they can help may seem like the easiest solution.

However, it is important to remember that plumbers handle the water your family uses on a daily basis, which is why cutting corners can put your family in danger. This article will discuss some important things you may not have considered when opting for an unqualified plumbing contractor.

Professional Plumbers are Trained with a Degree in Plumbing

plumbing degreePeople who spend time becoming a plumbing professional must first receive a degree in plumbing. This degree requires a certain number of classroom and hands-on hours to be sure that plumbers are fully trained for all aspects of the profession.

Plumbing degrees involve studying and understanding water distribution and the layout, installation, and maintenance of pipes. Plumbers can also perform more specialized training in areas like multipurpose fire sprinklers, water supply protection, and medical gas piping.

If people who are not fully trained attempt performing plumbing services, it is likely that they will lack the full understanding and knowledge required to do the job. For example, an unqualified plumber may not know which pipes are designated for which purpose. They may accidentally contaminate clean water, or they may handle natural gas lines incorrectly.

Professional Plumbers Will Have Plumbing Permits

Most plumbing projects performed in your home will need to have plumbing permits to make sure they are up to code. National plumbing codes make sure that all plumbing projects in the country are performed to the same standard. Codes protect public health and safety by keeping records of any plumbing projects being done in your home and making sure the proper tools and materials are used. This is especially important for plumbing projects involving drinking water or natural gas.

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Some people assume that only big projects, like replacing a water heater, require permits. However, permits are required for many smaller projects, like altering piping inside a wall or repairing freeze-damaged pipes over five feet long. It is illegal to have an unqualified person work on your plumbing because they can not obtain the permits necessary to legally follow plumbing codes. Therefore, it is extremely important to use a professional plumber for all plumbing services to make sure that the correct permits are used and that all services performed are in line with national and local plumbing codes.

Risking Wrong Tools 

using wrong toolsProfessional plumbers go through extensive and specialized training to make sure that they understand how all pipe layouts work within your home. They are equipped with the knowledge and the tools that they need to correctly work on all types of pipes. Amateur plumbers may go so far as to use the wrong tools for the job.

People who have not gone through the qualification process to become a professional plumber may not know which tools are best suited for which types of pipes. This can result in further damage to your plumbing system and may require the help of a professional plumber after all.

Therefore, although it may be tempting to hire your friend or neighbor or a general contractor who says he understands plumbing, it is a bad idea for many reasons. Always hire a professional plumber to save money and keep your family healthy and safe.

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