Air Conditioning Installation in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Are you tired of needing frequent repairs on your AC unit? It may be time for a total upgrade!

Our AC units are the heart of our summer enjoyment. Without them, hot weather quickly loses its spark and instead leaves many Philadelphia County homeowners with sweat stains and uncomfortable sleep. If your AC unit is giving you trouble, it may be time for a brand new, energy-efficient air conditioner installation. Here at City Plumbing, we ensure that your new system is properly installed and ready to award your home the peace of mind it deserves.

Not ready for a new upgrade just yet? No problem, City Plumbing offers quality AC repair services to keep your system in top shape.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC Unit

We know what you’re thinking: How on earth am I supposed to know when it’s time to replace my AC unit? While you should always leave the installation services to the pros, as a homeowner, you should be able to tell when your system is no longer working as it should. Some of the most common signs we see that signify it’s time for an air conditioner replacement include:

  • A unit that’s over 15 years old
  • Consistent repair issues
  • Faulty motor or electrical failures
  • Higher than usual energy costs
  • Strange noises
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Inability to cool your entire home

Essentially, if your air conditioner is no longer able to provide you and your family with consistent temperatures and comfort, there’s a problem. As an air conditioner gets older, it can deteriorate. This deterioration translates into consistent repair problems, which can easily outweigh the cost of a new air conditioner.

Want to be sure your air conditioner lasts as long as possible? Be sure to ask about our ongoing AC maintenance services, and keep your system in tip-top shape!

Benefits of Air Conditioner Replacement

Let’s face it, sometimes investing in a new AC unit is just the right move. Although the installation costs can be intimidating, the peace of mind that comes along with a new system is priceless. Some of the benefits that you can expect with a new system include:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: As stated above, there are countless energy efficient units to choose from. Whether you’re looking to cut down on utility costs or searching for ways to decrease your carbon footprint, installing an energy-efficient model is a great investment.
  • Improved Air Quality: The air quality within our homes determines the health of ourselves and our loved ones. Dirt and debris can get trapped within our air ducts and circulate throughout our homes. Older AC units are more susceptible to this, making newer units the supreme choice for protecting our homes’ air quality.
  • Indoor Climate Control: No one knows our comfortability level better than we do. Nothing is worse than being unable to achieve ultimate comfort in our homes by having it be too hot or too cold. New AC units are designed with the home dwellers in mind and make it easy to control the climate within your home.
  • Longer Life: While traditional AC units typically have a lifespan of up to 15 years, newer models can surpass this by 10. Gone is the stress of having to update your home’s HVAC system every 15 years.

In addition to improved comfort, a new air conditioner can easily add value to your Philadelphia, PA home. Whether you’re planning on selling or simply looking for lower energy costs, a new air conditioner can pay for itself in a matter of years!

Why Hire Us?

City Plumbing has been providing our customers with quality service for over 20 years! We value the importance of community which is why you can always expect to feel at home with every exchange. When it comes to an air conditioner installation, we understand it can be a challenging and daunting project. That’s why we do our best to offer personalized solutions based on the size of your home, your family needs, and your budget, making a replacement project as stress-free as possible!

Just pick up the phone and call us to see how you can benefit from our air conditioning installation and replacement services.

Are you in need of an affordable and energy-efficient AC installation service company in the greater Philadelphia, PA area? Call the experts here at City Plumbing at 215-470-3638 and enjoy expert solutions today!