Sump Pump Services in the Greater Philadelphia Area

From heavy rains to burst pipes, flood water will never compromise your home with an expertly installed sump pump from City Plumbing.

The weather in Philadelphia, PA can vary widely, but it usually involves a lot of rain. Torrential downpours can be more than just an inconvenience if your home is in a low lying area or has poor drainage. Excess water can easily accumulate in basements and crawl spaces destroying your home and belongings in no time. To prevent these problems from occurring, many homeowners opt for sump pump installation services. At City Plumbing, we are your sump pump experts. From installations to sump pump repairs and testing, we can ensure that your home is always protected. We have three full time master plumbers on staff to ensure our customers receive top-notch workmanship on every call.

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The Importance of Installing a Sump Pump

Water damage can do substantial damage to your home, especially if left unchecked. A sump pump works to remove excess water from around your home to limit that damage. Whether it’s caused by a burst pipe or excess floodwater, having a sump pump can limit property damage and keep your home safe.

Even when the water accumulation is light, the moisture that is left behind can create mold and mildew that can affect the health of everyone in the building. Water can also play havoc with electrical systems, alarm systems, and can eventually cause structural damage. A sump pump is considered a safety net for your home. It provides peace of mind, and with the proper care, can last for years to come.

When Should You Schedule Sump Pump Repairs?

If a sump pump is already installed, there is a good chance of avoiding all of the problems above. On the other hand, a poorly performing pump is not going to be of any use when a rainstorm hits.

Thankfully, there are signs that indicate the sump pump is not working correctly. Noticing these early on can help protect your Philadelphia County home from expensive water damage.

  • Power Failure: If the power has gone out during inclement weather, the sump pump power is going to go along with it. You will need a technician to make sure it is working properly once the power is restored. Also, a battery back up can prevent pump power failure and is always recommended by our plumbing pros.
  • Power Concerns: Another common problem is a pump that is too small for the space. If there is still water accumulation or moisture after the pump has been hard at work, it is probably not big enough to handle the size of the space. Upgrading can fix this issue.
  • Flat Valves: The float valve needs to be free of any obstruction to work correctly. This integral component is what measures the water levels around your home. If it isn’t working properly, your sump pump won’t turn on at all, leaving your property at risk.
  • Discharge Pipes: If the pipe that directs the water elsewhere is damaged or clogged, it can cause the water to back-up in the space again. This is another key component to have inspected, especially after a severe storm where there is a lot of debris in the water.

Plumbing repairs should always be left to the professionals, and at City Plumbing, we are those pros. We understand the importance of a properly working sump pump and can help you ensure your system is in the best shape possible. If your unit is over 10 years old or you simply haven’t inspected it in years, now is the best time to check your unit.

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Choosing the Right Model for Your Home

If a sump pump needs to be installed, there may be some confusion on which pump is best for which situation. There are several models available, and the right choice can depend on several different factors.

Here are the most common sump pump types that are available and their best uses:

  • Pedestal Sump Pump: This model is installed at the top of the basin to allow easy access for repairs and maintenance. It works by sending a pipe down into the shaft and propelling the water up with an impeller that is installed below. If space is limited in your home, a pedestal pump will help accommodate your needs.
  • Submersible Sump Pump: This option is meant to be put directly into the shaft or location where the water will accumulate. It has a waterproof motor and is quieter than above the waterline models.
  • Sewage Septic Pumps: This pump is used when wastewater needs to be moved from a lower accumulation point to the higher level septic tank. This particular model grinds any solid particles into a slurry in order to move it more efficiently to a higher level.

Deciding on a particular model can depend on the purpose of the sump pump, and where the most water or liquid accumulates. If you are not sure which one is best for your needs, reach out to us for assistance. At City Plumbing, we put over 20 years of experience to work for you. From completing the sump pump installation to providing ongoing maintenance and support, our expert staff is here to help.

City Plumbing is dedicated to the satisfaction of every customer. Our skilled and trained technicians are available to assist you with all of your Philadelphia, PA sump pump needs including installations and repairs. Call us at 215-470-3638 to schedule an appointment today!