Ductless Mini Split AC Systems in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Are you looking for a new, efficient way to cool and heat your home in Philadelphia? City Plumbing is here to provide long-lasting solutions!

With all the options available on the market today, finding the perfect cooling and heating system for your home can be challenging. Homeowners need to consider various factors such as budget, space, and efficiency before investing in an AC system. Ductless mini-split AC systems are a great option for those looking to save on utility bills and for those who desire a painless installation process. City Plumbing provides quality ductless mini-split AC installation services to the greater Philadelphia area.

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What Is a Ductless Mini Split AC System?

Unlike traditional AC systems, ductless mini-split AC units don’t require the use of air ducts to circulate cool air throughout your home. While conventional systems circulate air through an intricate system of air ducts behind walls and in attics, ductless systems utilize a fan and evaporator unit to cool your home.

The indoor unit blows warm air over the unit’s cold evaporator coil while the refrigerant absorbs and transfers heat to the outside unit. This results in the heat from your home’s air being released outside, keeping your home nice and cool. These systems also work to heat air, making them a viable option for any season.

Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini Split

There are various benefits to be reaped by investing in ductless mini-split AC systems for your home. Some of the most rewarding advantages you can expect with these units include but are not limited to:

  • Reduced Energy Bills: As we previously stated, these systems are a great option for homeowners looking to reduce energy bills. Since air doesn’t need to travel through long ducts before they reach our vents, you don’t have to worry about losing cool air in the process.
  • Zoned Cooling: Ductless mini-split AC units are great for those looking to control the temperature in various areas of the home. For example, you may not need to cool a room no one goes in the same way you want to cool a common living area such as the living room or kitchen.
  • Dual-Purposed: One thing that makes these units unique as well as cost-effective is they work as both a heating and cooling system. You no longer have to worry about the installation costs of two different HVAC units for your home.
  • Easy Installation: Contrary to their conventional counterparts, these systems don’t require any ductwork, making the installation process quick and painless. Whether space is limited or you’re looking to install them in an area with no attic space, mini-split systems allow for full customization in your home.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits and convenience of a ductless mini-split AC system, be sure to call our cooling pros. At City Plumbing, we are your Philadelphia County HVAC experts, making the entire installation process simple and convenient. From finding the ideal unit to getting it hooked up, you can count on our staff for fast and friendly services.

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Signs Your System Needs Repairs

While ductless mini-split AC systems offer plenty of perks and benefits, like any mechanical system, they will require service from time to time. Some of the more common signals that your mini-split system needs repairs include higher than usual energy costs, poor indoor air quality, and limited airflow.

At City Plumbing, we value the importance of community and professionalism! Our HVAC experts provide long-lasting solutions for both homeowners and business owners alike. If you’re in the market for a new AC system, ductless mini-split units may be beneficial to you!

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