Backflow Testing & Certification in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Protect your home from the dangers of backflow with an expertly installed prevention device from City Plumbing.

Backflow testing is vital for every home. These regulations ensure that you and your family are protected against harmful contaminants that could impact your health and safety. All homes in Philadelphia, PA, must use city-approved backflow equipment and have it installed by a certified specialist. All new equipment also must be tested before use to make sure it is operating correctly. At City Plumbing, our goal is to make the entire process simple. Whether you need to inspect your old backflow preventer or are looking to install one for the first time, our plumbing contractors can help. We have three licensed full-time technicians on staff for backflow, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive top-quality workmanship.

Backflow is considered a plumbing emergency. Get immediate assistance 24/7 from our emergency plumbing pros today!

Why Is Backflow a Concern?

Backflow is the reverse flow of water in a plumbing system where the clean water input comes in contact with the output drain lines. When this happens, freshwater can mix with the waste liquid that is running through the drain line to the sewer systems.

Backflow can cause a number of concerns. The corrosion of piping systems, leaks, and possibly floods within the home can occur. More importantly, though, backflow is responsible for some serious health issues when polluted and dirty water mixes in with fresh drinking water. Health risks from waterborne illnesses include diarrheal diseases, Guinea worm disease, typhoid, and dysentery.

To control the possible occurrence of water contamination, the water and health governing boards within each city and state have regulations in place for both residential and commercial properties.