Air Duct Cleaning & Repair Services in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Are the air ducts in your home clogged with debris and negatively impacting your indoor air quality? City Plumbing is here to provide quality air duct services.

Think of your air ducts like the veins of your home. Now ask yourself if you’re comfortable with dust, bacteria, and other debris floating around your ducts and circulating throughout your home. If the mere thought makes your skin crawl, it’s time for professional air duct cleaning! City Plumbing offers affordable air duct cleaning, repair, and installation services throughout the Philadelphia, PA area. Not only can this improve your overall indoor air quality, but also, it can have an impact on your energy savings too!

Worried that your airflow issues are a sign of a larger problem? Our technicians offer thorough inspections and AC repairs to get your system running in top shape in no time!

Signs Your Ducts Need Professional Cleaning

Our air ducts are susceptible to all kinds of contaminants such as dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, and mold spores. These particles floating around can wreak havoc on our health, especially households with sensitive members such as babies or the elderly.

To protect your family, it’s important to schedule routine air duct cleaning at least once a year. Some indicators that it’s time for professional air duct cleaning include:

  • Mold Growth: Air ducts with trapped moisture are breeding grounds for mold growth. Mold can be a real issue, as it can negatively affect our respiratory systems when exposed. If you notice mold growing in or around your ducts, give us a call ASAP.
  • High Energy Bill: When our air ducts are clogged with debris, our HVAC systems have to work overtime just to supply our homes with adequate heat/cool air. If you notice a sudden spike in your home’s energy bills, it may be time for air duct cleaning.
  • Buildup Near Vents: In some cases, air ducts that desperately need professional attention make themselves known. If you begin to notice the buildup of dust mites or other debris, that is a good indicator that your air ducts need to be cleaned.

While any AC repairs should always be left to the professionals, it’s essential for homeowners to be able to detect when there’s a problem. Because ductwork concerns easily affect your air quality and health, at the first sign of trouble, you should always work with an air conditioning service company.

Recently expanded but don’t have the attic space for air ducts? We also offer ductless mini-split AC systems, the perfect solution to your heating and cooling needs.

When Would You Need to Replace Your Ductwork?

In some instances, the service needed for your home’s air ducts goes beyond simple cleaning. If you experience any of the following, it may be time to replace your air ducts altogether:

  • Poor Air Quality: Indoor air quality is important. When our air quality becomes diminished due to faulty ductwork, it’s time to take it seriously. Don’t wait until you or a family member becomes sick; invest in air duct replacement today!
  • Ductwork Is Old: When you buy a home, unless it’s a new construction, it’s important to know when your air ducts were installed. If your home is over 50 years old, you definitely need to replace your ductwork.
  • Cracks: If there are cracks in your ductwork, cleaning or repairs won’t be of much use. It’s best to have your air ducts replaced completely than to lose energy and pay higher utility bills because of it.

Another common reason that homeowners opt to install new air ducts is for recent remodeling projects. Whether it’s a new den or inlaw quarters, having ductwork connected to your main system can ensure that everyone enjoys consistent and comfortable airflow.

Benefits of Professional Air Duct Service

Air duct services are a vital part of homeownership that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many benefits to having your Philadelphia County home’s air ducts professionally maintained, including:

  • Improved air quality
  • Longer-lasting ductwork
  • Early detection of small problems before they become big ones
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Cleaner home

City Plumbing has been the leading choice for HVAC services for over 20 years. Our highly-skilled experts care about our clients and go above and beyond in ensuring all needs are met. Whether your air ducts need professional cleaning or it’s time for ductwork replacement, we can help!

Is your home older than 50 years old? It may be time for ductwork replacement! Be sure to call City Plumbing at 215-470-3638 to learn more about our air duct cleaning, repair, and installation services.