Boiler Services in the Greater Philadelphia Area

If you’re experiencing issues with your boiler, your access to heat may be at risk! Ensure your home stays warm this winter with professional boiler services from City Plumbing.

In Philadelphia, PA our winters can get brutal, with temperatures frequently dipping below freezing. To keep us warm and safe, we rely on our home’s heating systems to properly do their job and provide us with the heat we deserve. One essential component that could be putting your comfort at risk is your boiler. At City Plumbing, we offer dependable boiler services ranging from repairs to replacements, ensuring you have consistent warmth and peace of mind in your home.

As your heating experts, we also work with all major appliances and offer furnace tune-ups as the ideal preparation for the winter season.

How Do Boilers Work?

If you rely on a boiler to keep you warm during the winter, there’s a good chance you’ve asked yourself how these essential systems do their job. Boilers aren’t as complex as they may sound. They are made up of seven components: a boiler burner, heat exchanger, supply lines, return lines, a firebox, a refractory, and circulator pumps.

When you power your boiler on, a valve opens to release gas through small jets and into a combustion chamber located within the boiler tank. Next, an electric ignition system lights the jets which work with a heat exchanger to heat up the water to a set temperature.

Then, the system carries hot water to each radiator which waits to be reheated. The circulator pumps then allow the water to travel back up to begin the process again. While there are plenty of moving parts in the system, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy a comfortable heated home in the winter.