Hydro Jetting Services in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Sometimes, stubborn clogs need more than traditional drain cleaning. City Plumbing provides the greater Philadelphia area with professional hydro jetting services.

Over time, dirt and debris can become so clogged in our pipes that it obstructs the natural flow of water. The result? Lost access to clean water and a nice drain repair bill for Philadelphia, PA homes. Traditional drain cleaning isn’t always the best solution to clogs. Occasionally, severe blockages occur and stronger solutions are required.

Here at City Plumbing, we know just how to remove those stubborn blockages. Using our hydro jetting services, we can easily remove even the toughest blockage without compromising your pipes. We have three full time master plumbers on staff so you can rest easy knowing all work is carried out properly.

Looking to avoid hydro jetting altogether? Be sure to keep up with annual drain cleaning services, and enjoy free-flowing pipes for years to come.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

If you’ve never heard of this efficient cleaning method, you’re probably wondering how it could help you. Unlike traditional drain cleaning methods like snakes or augers, which only remove parts of the blockage, hydro jetting is a method that scours the entire pipe.

Using high-pressurized water, blockages are cleared out almost instantly. The process entails depositing a water jet into your home’s main sewer line. From there, tiny jets of highly pressurized water shoot throughout the pipes and any debris causing blockages are dislodged.

This is a highly effective method that is a perfect option for those looking for a safer way to clear clogs. Chemicals can be harmful to the environment and our health which makes cleaning clogs with water the most eco-friendly option.