Water Leak Detection in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Do you notice an unexplainable spike in your home’s water bill? A water leak may be the culprit! City Plumbing is here to help with professional water leak detection and repair services.

When your home is suffering from a water leak, it isn’t always detectable to the untrained eye. Most water leaks take place out of sight like in our walls or beneath the floors. The best way to determine if your home has a leak is by calling a professional for water leak detection services. Here at City Plumbing, our trained specialists know just what to look for in a water leak and how to properly treat them. As the leading plumbing company in Philadelphia, PA, you can count on us to keep your home leak-free!

Excess pressure caused by clogs is a common reason for pipe damage and water leaks. Be proactive about your home care with our expert drain cleaning services.

Common Signs You Have a Water Leak

Some water leaks signs are more obvious or noticeable than others. From high water bills to the unexplainable smell of mildew, here are some of the most common indicators that a water leak is present within your home.

  • Spiked Water Bill: As stated above, when a water leak is present, it will almost reflect itself on your water bill. Unless you’ve recently made drastic changes to your family or daily routines, your water bill should relatively stay the same from month to month. If you notice a sudden increase, a leak may be the culprit.
  • Weak Water Pressure: Another common indicator that a leak is present is the loss of water pressure. When a leak occurs, your water is going elsewhere instead of powering out of your faucets like usual.
  • Mildew Smell: No one likes the smell of mildew, especially when you can’t account for where it’s coming from. In some cases, a leak can go undetected for so long that water seeps into the walls or flooring, resulting in the smell of mildew.
  • Sound Of Dripping: You know that feeling. You’re laying in bed trying to catch some Z’s when the sound of water dripping nearly drives you mad. This sound can originate from a leaky faucet or in some instances, an internal leak within your home.

At the first sign of trouble, it’s essential to call a pro. Even the smallest water leak can account for extensive property damage, high utility costs, and general discomfort in your home.

Has a small water leak escalated into a burst pipe emergency? Be sure to get in touch with our plumbing pros. We’re available 24/7!

What Causes Water Leaks?

So you’ve read the signs and they sound familiar enough to know that you are in fact dealing with a water leak. But how can you prevent them in the first place? As a Philadelphia County homeowner, it’s important to know what causes clogs, so you can more easily prevent them. This includes:

  • Clogged Pipes
  • Water Pressure Is Too Strong
  • Old Pipes
  • Foundation Shifting
  • Construction Damage
  • Invasive Roots

As a rule of thumb, you should do your best to address clogs and deterioration in your plumbing system. At City Plumbing, we do our best to provide timely and convenient solutions. While we’re always available to help with those unforeseen emergencies, we can also work with you to create a plumbing routine that keeps your home safe.

Preventive Care and Leak Detection

Most water leaks can go undetected until they become huge, costly issues. This is because many of our plumbing lines are hidden, tucked away in our walls or underground. Because of this, it is increasingly important to consult with a professional water leak detection company.

During our water leak detection service, we use modern technology such as electronically amplified equipment as well as electromagnetic pipeline locators to find where the leaks originate. If we determine a leak is present, we are able to treat the leak with our professional leak repair services.

Our City Plumbing experts are the best in the plumbing industry. Utilizing over 20 years worth of knowledge and experience, we are able to provide our clients with the best long-lasting solutions. Whether you have a water leak caused by clogged pipes or as a result of corrosion, our certified plumbers can help! With three full time master plumbers on staff, you can trust the work will be done properly.

Is your home in the greater Philadelphia, PA area experiencing a nasty water leak? If so, our experts will be able to detect it using our full-proof modern technology. Call us at 215-470-3638 to get immediate attention!