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How to Maximize Your Family's Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Pro Tips for Making Your Family Heating and Cooling Efficient

Every plumber and electrician has tips and tricks of the trade to help their clients maximize the efficiency of their home HVAC system. These tips are simple to use and require very little in the way of time or expense. The trade-off is a system that works better and more efficiently than would be otherwise possible. Keep reading for several tips to help your heating and cooling system be more efficient, year-round.

Look for Ways to Increase Insulation

increase insulationBeefing up the insulation in your home is one of the biggest ways you can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. If the insulation in your attic or crawl space is lacking, warm air will escape and cold air will enter during winter.

During summer, hot air will seep into your home and make it harder to cool down. Ensure your crawl space is properly insulated with panels between each of the floor joists. This will ensure minimal leakage through your flooring. Next, inspect your attic.

You should have a minimum of loose filling covering your attic floor several inches deep. If you want to beef up your insulation further, add batts in between the joists. Finally, seal off any cracks that leak air around attic windows, pipes, exhaust fans, and ducts.

Use Curtains and Screens for Insulation

While it may seem like a simple trick, using blackout curtains and screens to cover your windows will help keep your rooms cooler in the summer. By using screens or curtains on south-facing windows, you’ll reduce the amount of natural sunlight that can filter into your room and heat it up. During the summer, keeping shades drawn during the hot hours of the day will help your air conditioning run more efficiently and keep your rooms cooler.

use curtains

During winter, open the shades when there is plenty of sunlight, but close them to ensure the maximum amount of warmth will stay inside instead of leeching out. Windows are a significant culprit of air leakage and fixing this area can greatly improve the overall efficiency of your system while avoiding common HVAC problems.

Use House Fans Properly

use house fansDid you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to use your house fan? House fans are beneficial in both the winter and summertime if you know how to use them. During the summer, be sure that your fans spin counterclockwise.

This will ensure that the cool air in your home gets pushed down into the room, creating a cooling effect and helping your HVAC keep your rooms at the temperature you want.

During the winter, flip the switch on the base of your fan so it spins clockwise. This will create an updraft that pushes warm air from the ceiling back down into the room. It will keep your room warmer and maximize the heating capacity of your HVAC unit.

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