Filter Replacement in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Your HVAC system is susceptible to all kinds of airborne contaminants which makes a clean air filter an absolute necessity.

Air filters are the safety net that keeps harmful bacteria from circulating throughout your home and infecting your loved ones. If you want to keep your indoor air quality safe, invest in filter replacement services today! As homeowners in Philadelphia, PA, we understand that changing air filters is a task that often falls to the wayside. Because of this, our HVAC pros at City Plumbing have made the process simpler than ever!

Want to take more precautions to protect your indoor air quality? Ask about our professional air duct cleaning services today!

Benefits of Routine Air Filter Replacement

Air filters trap contaminants before they have a chance to circulate via your AC unit or furnace. This is why it’s extremely important to have these filters replaced regularly, as an old, dirty filter serves no use in keeping your air protected. There are various benefits to reap from replacing your air filters such as:

  • Improved Air Quality: EPA research indicates that our indoor air is 70% more polluted than outside air. Dust mites, pollen, and other debris can quickly accumulate in our vents and HVAC systems. When this happens, these contaminants are circulated throughout our homes drastically diminishing the indoor air quality.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Without a fully functioning air filter to protect our HVAC systems, our units can become clogged with debris and require them to work twice as hard to provide our homes with adequate heat/cool air.
  • Extends Life of Unit: As we previously stated, our air filters keep our HVAC systems protected from harmful contaminants. By routinely changing air filters, we can preserve the life of our units.