Radiant Heating Services in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Enjoy comfortable warmth without the hassle of uncomfortable air when you opt for a radiant heating upgrade in your home.

For many homeowners, your heating system is often of the traditional central heating or furnace kind. However, there are plenty of other alternatives that can help you save money and enjoy more comfortable temperatures. A radiant heating system uses either electrical panels or water pipes to heat your home from the ground up. This eliminates the risk of poor air quality without sacrificing the comfort you’ve come to expect.

At City Plumbing, we are your reliable radiant heating installation contractors in the Philadelphia, PA area. From designing the system to helping you choose the right heat source, our expert staff is by your side every step of the way.

Sticking with your traditional heating system? Make sure it’s ready for the winter with a detailed heating tune-up.

What Is Radiant Heating?

Traditional heating systems work by warming air and then using ductwork to move it throughout your home. Radiant heating works a lot more like a stovetop. It heats a specific surface in your home, often the floor or walls, which then radiate warmth throughout your home.

This is done in one of two ways, either using electrical panels or a system of plumbing that runs the length of your home. These modern systems offer all the comfort you need in your home, with a lot less of the hassle that comes from a forced-air system.