Gas Leak Detection in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Nothing is more dangerous than a gas leak left undetected. City Plumbing's master plumbers provide your home with quality gas leak detection services.

When your home is experiencing a water leak, it can be inconvenient and expensive. However, when your home is experiencing a gas leak, the risks can be a bit more urgent. Gas leaks are dangerous and affect millions of individuals every year. To protect your Philadelphia, PA home and family from the various hazards of a leak, call City Plumbing today. We offer detailed gas leak detection services, which help us find the source of the problem and offer a long-term solution you can depend on.

Has a gas leak been detected within your home? Our plumbing experts provide quality gas line repair services to help restore the safety of your home.

Common Signs a Gas Leak Is Present

When a gas leak is present, sooner or later you will know it. Gas leaks can affect everything from your houseplants to your gas bill, and in worst-case scenarios, even your health. The best way to protect yourself and loved ones from the dangers of a leak is to know what to look for when the signs are present.

Some of the most common indicators you are experiencing a gas leak include:

  • Symptoms Present In Your Body: Oftentimes, our bodies know something is wrong before our brains are even aware of what’s going on. When there is a gas leak, you may notice the onset of symptoms such as random dizziness, lightheadedness, or nausea. At the first sign of trouble, it’s important to evacuate your home.
  • Spiked Gas Bill: One of the less obvious signs that a gas leak is present is a sudden unexplainable increase in your gas bill. If you don’t notice any other signs except a spiked gas bill, this could indicate that you caught the leak early on.
  • Strange Odor: Natural gas is as odorless as it is colorless. This can make it hard to detect when a leak is present. Luckily, mercaptan is added to gas which has a distinct smell of rotten eggs so when a leak is present, it will be easier for you to detect.
  • Dying Houseplants: Nature can pick up on when conditions aren’t right long before we mere mortals can. Pay attention to the plants in your home and what they are trying to tell you. If you notice your plants look limp or are randomly dying, a gas leak may be the culprit.

Although many homeowners don’t know it, gas leaks are considered silent killers and account for many fatalities every year. While carbon monoxide detectors can help alert you, it’s also important to know the common warning signs so you can protect your family.