Water Line Repair & Installation in the Greater Philadelphia Area

You depend on your water line for just about every daily activity, from brushing your teeth to washing the dishes. Make sure it’s up to par with professional services from City Plumbing!

Most homeowners don’t give their residential main water line a second thought. For good reason, too, as if you don’t have to think about your main water line, that means it’s doing its job. Unfortunately, sometimes our water lines fail us and we’re left with property damage or disruption of daily activities. If you’re experiencing problems with your home’s most critical plumbing component, give City Plumbing a call today! As one of the leading water line repair and installation service companies in Philadelphia, PA, you can count on our plumbing pros to keep water flowing throughout your home. We have three full time master plumbers on staff so you can trust the work will be done safely and to code.

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Signs Your Main Water Line Needs Professional Service

Your main water line is located beneath the dirt so it’s easy to not give it much thought. However, when problems arise, it’s hard to ignore problems such as a flooded yard or a contaminated water supply. Some of the most common signs that your main water line needs professional attention include:

  • Unusually High Water Bill: After ruling out common problems such as leaky faucets or a malfunctioning water heater, you have to ask yourself why your water bill is abnormally high. A damaged water line can waste gallons of water and you may not even realize it until you’re sent a hefty water bill.
  • Decreased Water Pressure: If you notice that your showers aren’t as enjoyable as they usually are because of low pressure, a damaged water line may be the culprit.
  • Flooded Yard: One of the most common, and most dangerous indications that your main water line is damaged is if your yard becomes flooded with water in the area surrounding your water line. This can create various problems such as damaging infrastructure as well as becoming a breeding ground for fungus and insects.
  • Contaminated Water Supply: When cracks occur in our water lines, bacteria and contaminants can easily infiltrate our water supply. This means that you can run your faucets and experience dirt and debris floating around in your water.

Waterline issues can be one of the most damaging for your home as it not only compromises your property but also puts your health at risk. At the first sign of trouble, it’s important to work with our plumbing pros for all your main water line repair needs.