Water Softener Installation in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Is your Philadelphia home a victim of hard water? City Plumbing is here to provide long-lasting solutions with our quality whole home water softener installation and repair services.

Worldwide, millions of homes have a water supply that is comprised of various minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. This is known as hard water. While hard water is said to be safe to drink and wash with, it can be inconvenient. From hard water stains to weird smells, for some, hard water is the bane of their existence. Luckily, City Plumbing is here to provide the greater Philadelphia, PA with quality water softener installation services. These devices help break down the impurities found in hard water, leaving you with safer and more comfortable water for daily use. If you need a water softener installed in your home, you can count on our pros to get the job done right. We have three full-time master plumbers on staff so you can trust City plumbing for all of your water softener needs!

We also specialize in whole-home water filtration systems. For easy access to purified water right from your tap, let our plumbing pros help!

What Are Signs You Have Hard Water?

Some people live their whole lives without even realizing they have hard water. They may believe stains around the faucet, weird smells, and strange tasting water is just a normal, unchangeable fact of life. Fortunately, these people are wrong.

Hard water can be fixed, as long as you know it’s a problem in your home, to begin with. Some of the most common indicators that your home has hard water include:

  • Hard Water Spots: If you notice that once you wash your dishes, they have a chalky residue left over, you may be dealing with hard water.
  • Dry Skin: A high concentration of minerals in your water supply can have your skin feeling extremely dry. If you notice that every time you get out the shower you feel dried out, there’s a good chance you have hard water.
  • Low Water Pressure: The buildup of minerals in your water supply can have a negative effect on your drains and faucets. This can result in weak water pressure when running your faucets.
  • Effect On Clothes: Hard water can also have a negative effect on your laundry. The high concentration of minerals can have your clothes looking washed out and faded.

The sooner you address these issues, the less damage it can do in your home. Hard water buildup and scale can be one of the most damaging issues you can face as a homeowner. Luckily, with some help from our plumbing pros, you can enjoy cleaner water with a simple water softener installation.

Has hard water already damaged your water heater? Not to worry! We offer full water heater replacement services, and can even upgrade your home to a tankless system.

Benefits of Water Softeners

The best way to combat the negative impacts that hard water can have is to invest in a water softener. Water softeners are whole-house filtration systems that remove minerals from water utilizing ion exchange. When hard water enters into the tank, it will flow through plastic beads, called resin beads, which are charged with a sodium ion. These beads have a negative charge which attracts their opposite, which in this case, are the minerals from the water. Some of the benefits of these systems are:

  • Dishware is left without spots, resulting in a cleaner more polished look.
  • Elimination of the presence of soap scum and stains.
  • Skin and hair is left feeling more moisturized after washing.
  • Laundry looks more vibrant after washing.
  • Preserves the life of appliances that use water such as coffee makers and washing machines.
  • Reduces the risk of damaging scale buildup.
  • Improves the lifespan of water-based appliances including water heaters.

Not only does a water softener installation help improve your water quality, but also it can add considerable value to your home. Whether you’re planning on selling in the future or looking for some tax incentives, be sure to learn more about your water softener options.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Just like any other appliance in your home, it’s important to keep up with the maintenance of your water softener. To do this, rock salt should be added to the unit routinely. Your system should also be cleaned at least once a year, or more, depending on how often it’s used. If you ever experience any malfunctions with your water softener, you should call a certified plumbing technician.

City Plumbing has been servicing the greater Philadelphia area for over 20 years. We take pride in our highly skilled technicians as well as our upfront, competitive pricing. Whether you’re tired of hard water stains ruining your dishware or you’re irritated with how your skin feels after showering, our experts can help!

Why suffer from the inconveniences of living with hard water? Invest in your peace of mind today with whole home water softener installation services. Call our Philadelphia, PA plumbing pros at 215-470-3638 today!